What does 100%Mental mean?

What is the most important thing today?

Every day, we are gifted a certain amount of energy, endless or limited, it's never the same.  Because of this, there's a problem, our brains refuse to comprehend that we need to adjust.  You feel that because your "to-do" list is 15 items long, you should be able to complete all 15 items.  

The reality is, you are looking at it through "Should" glasses instead of "Grace glasses".  Should glasses are the unrealistic exceptions you often set upon yourself, Grace glasses are the ones you choose when you look at friends who are struggling.   

You see, Grace glasses allow you to take that step back and show kindness to others who are going through a hard time vs viewing them harshly.  

Your Grace glasses are the ones you must choose when you struggle in life, when you don't have the energy, when you are faced with something you aren't sure how to navigate.  Give yourself the gift of a breath.  Look at your list, ask yourself, what is the most important thing today?  If the world fell apart and I could only tackle 3 things today, what would they be?  What is the best investment in my time?  

Taking that step back, breathing, reassessing and being honest are four ways to come to the right decision for your time.  The next thing is simply to take action on your list.  

What are the most important things for you today?  Put on your "Grace Glasses" and list them.  

Work with your energy level!  Be realistic today and watch the small steps add up.  

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