Battlefield Activewear is 100%Mental

We don't sell clothes!  We sell confidence with a BADASS attitude to our customers.

Our company, Battlefield Activewear was born from a desire to make an impact in the breast cancer community.  Specifically those who've had mastectomies, but didn't have reconstruction.  
After treatment for breast cancer, Pam learned that there were no choices for women built without breasts.  Although this is why we started, what we quickly learned is that others far beyond those boundaries resonate with who we are, our motto and our products.  

We love knowing we make an impact in the lives of others.  For us, it's 1000% about changing how someone sees themselves, watching them transform into their most confident self and overcome some pretty big mindset things.

Our motto is 100%Mental, this pays tribute to that space between your ears, where Doubt and Determination collide, where all decisions are made, whether you can, or can't, it's decided in the space between your ears.

Get Determined, Build your Badass, Discover your confidence!
Battlefield Activewear

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